ASI’s Webinar Series on Cytogenetic Tools

ASI invites you to join an educational
Focused on Digital Cytogenetic tools:


  1. Corporate Company Overview Click Here

  2. Go Digital – Karyotyping Click Here

  3. Digital Manual FISH – FISHView & mCounter Click Here

  4. Digital HiFISH Scan Part #1 Hematology Slides Click Here

  5. Digital HiFISH Scan Part #2 Tissue FISH Slides Click Here

  6. SKY for Cancer and Genetic Analysis Click Here

Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) Reveals Advanced FISH Solutions That Deliver Ultra-fast Imaging Analysis

PathFusion scanners for FISH, H&E and IHC imaging and analysis offer laboratories an all-in-one solution from scanning to reporting. In addition, the comprehensive pathology suite expedites more slide scanning volumes, improves diagnostic accuracy and optimizes the overall workflow process.