AI-Powered Digital Karyotyping Solution


in a nutshell

The advanced features of HiBand streamline your cytogenetic workflows by conveniently combining automatic high-throughput scanning with aided chromosome analysis and karyotyping. Supporting metaphase review and approval while scanning, HiBand’s advanced tools are applicable to all sample types across multiple banding patterns including G-Band, Q-Band, and R-Band.

Upgrade to ASI’s computer-aided HiBand solution to reduce by more than 50% the time spent analyzing each metaphase.

Benefits to your lab

Automatic Metaphase Finder with pre-sorting by karyotype quality

Chromosome segmentation and classification requiring minimal manual adjustments

Magic Tool combining multiple editing operations for easy fine tuning

Image Gallery displaying all metaphases and karyotypes

Chromosome Compare to review cells and chromosomes side by side

Aberrant Ideogram for detailed chromosome analysis

Automated Karyotyping Powered By Computer-Assisted Algorithms

ASI’s fully automated karyotyping workflow efficiently performs chromosome detection, segmentation and classification, requiring minimal manual adjustments. 

Integrated into HiBand, our computer-aided karyotyping features can be used with both manual and scanning platforms. With ASI’s automated karyotyping workflows, karyotyped metaphases, pre-sorted automatically according to their quality, are available for review and approval while scanning.

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