Bridging the Gap between Brightfield Pathology & FISH

path fusion
PathFusion in a nutshell

in a nutshell

PathFusion provides a comprehensive digital pathology workflow, seamlessly integrating brightfield and FISH imaging across multiple probe vendors and sample types. The application features state-of-the-art functionalities including AI-powered tissue detection, automatic cell identification, signal detection, and cell classification. With its tissue matching capabilities between H&E or IHC images acquired on ASI or third-party scanners and ASI’s FISH scans, PathFusion combines reliable quantitative results with efficient FISH workflows.

With PathFusion, experience the transformative power of AI in tissue FISH analysis.

Benefits to your lab

Z-Stacking and 3D Focus
for impeccable analysis
and higher accuracy

High Image Quality with
automated optimization
and enhancement

Whole Slide Imaging
with intuitive viewing
and advanced tools

User Independent Scanning
for increased productivity
and greater slide volumes

AI-Powered Tissue FISH Detection: Unlocking Quantitative FISH Analysis

With ASI’s proprietary algorithms, PathFusion delivers unparalleled image quality, ensuring precise signal detection and cell classification in tissue FISH. The technology enables to generate consistent, standardized, and reliable quantitative results, even when working with intricate probes and diverse sample types. Tissue matching between H&E or IHC images acquired on third-party scanners and FISH slides scanned on the ASI platform contributes to the efficiency of digital FISH workflows.

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