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HiSKY Gold Standard
Spectral Karyotyping

Elevate your research capabilities with HiSKY, our renowned spectral karyotyping solution offering multi-color FISH analysis for result verification. With automatic identification of translocations and chromosomal origins, HiSKY ensures simultaneous detection of chromosomal aberrations in a single hybridization, providing comprehensive insights into genetic variations. HiSKY’s probe kit includes chromosome paints for both human and mouse samples, achieving highly precise analysis across varied species.

Experience enhanced research capabilities with HiSKY for powerful multi-color FISH analysis!

Unleash the Potential of FISH:
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Circulating Tumor Cells

Immuno Fluorescence

Sperm Cells


Successive Staining


FISH Probe Assay
Quality Control for
Research Excellence

Enhance your research organization with advanced features of cell phenotyping and signal classification, including measurement and display of multiple cellular and signal properties. Apply the MN Score for micronuclei imaging, scoring, and analysis to garner valuable insights into DNA damage, cytostasis, and cytotoxicity measurements.

Elevate your research processes and results with our comprehensive solution for FISH probe assay quality control and cell phenotyping!