HiPath Pro
Ultimate Digital Pathology Workflow for Brightfield Images

HiPath Pro
in a nutshell

HiPath Pro, ASI’s state-of-the-art digital pathology platform, offers a range of advanced features and streamlined workflows for the scanning, visualization and analysis of pathology specimens.

Elevate the diagnostic competencies of your lab with HiPath Pro’s scanner-agnostic capabilities, offering visualization and analysis of brightfield images from multiple formats. Advanced marking and annotation tools, tissue matching across multiple stains, automatic transfer of regions of interest and quantitative IHC analysis are now also available for images acquired on third-party scanners.

Experience the unique capabilities of HiPath Pro to standardize results across your pathology practice.

Benefits to your lab

Intuitive whole slide
image navigation and
review up to 80X
digital zoom

Unique classifiers
applicable to brightfield
images from different

Quantitative IHC
analysis for ER, PR,
HER2, Ki67, P53,
PD-L1 and more

Analysis and scoring
of chromogenic
in situ hybridization
(CISH) stain

Standardize Your Quantitative IHC Scoring with Computer Aided Analysis

HiPath Pro’s computer-aided IHC analysis module, powered by advanced algorithms, enables quantitative scoring of tissue samples across an extensive variety of nuclear and membranous immunohistochemical stains. Applicable to images acquired on ASI and third-party scanners, HiPath Pro’s quantitative IHC analysis serves as a valuable second opinion to enhance diagnostic confidence and reduce inter-observer variability.

Standardize Your Quantitative IHC Scoring with Computer - Aided Analysis

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