Pathology Research

Pathology ResearchFor Fluorescent andSpectral Analysis Digital Pathologyfor Research ASI’s HyperSpectral Imaging and Analysis system, provides an advanced multi-color solution for both brightfield and fluorescent samples, addressing research needs of clinical laboratories by extracting quantitative, spectral and morphological information on cell-biology, and providing molecular and cellular image insights. Benefits to your lab Uncover chemically similar areas […]


PathFusion Bridging the Gap between Brightfield Pathology & FISH PathFusionin a nutshell PathFusion provides a comprehensive digital pathology workflow, seamlessly integrating brightfield and FISH imaging across multiple probe vendors and sample types. The application features state-of-the-art functionalities including AI-powered tissue detection, automatic cell identification, signal detection, and cell classification. With its tissue matching capabilities between […]

HiPath Pro

HiPath ProUltimate Digital Pathology Workflow for Brightfield Images HiPath Proin a nutshell HiPath Pro, ASI’s state-of-the-art digital pathology platform, offers a range of advanced features and streamlined workflows for the scanning, visualization and analysis of pathology specimens. Elevate the diagnostic competencies of your lab with HiPath Pro’s scanner-agnostic capabilities, offering visualization and analysis of brightfield […]