SKY Paint Probes

SKYPaint® Probes are 24-color combinatorically labeled FISH probes specifically designed for GenASIs Spectral Karyotyping (HiSKY®). Kits are available for human, mouse and rat cytogenetic applications. Hybridization procedures with SKYPaint are as simple as standard FISH protocols.

Accurate and Cost Effective

A single hybridization saves time and money in comparison to the high-cost multiple hybridizations necessary with other FISH probes. Many high quality HiSKY images can be obtained from just one kit.

Linked to Classical Cytogenetics

SKYPaint hybridization is identical to familiar FISH protocols, ensuring ease of use. Painting is uniform along the entire length of the chromosome, with superb band enhancement of the DAPI inverted chromosomes.

Effective for Multiple Sample Types

Applicable sample types include cancer cell lines, bone marrows, leukemias and lymphomas, lymphocyte preparations, oocytes, amniotic fluid and other species.

Human probes

Mouse probes

Rat probes

For research purposes only, not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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