For more than a decade, ASI is the leading provider of karyotyping solutions. GenASIs BandView, ASI’s karyotyping application, provides numerous features and benefits for greater throughput, a more friendly working environment and enhanced functionality. 

Applications & Automation

The GenASIs platform supports multiple applications and workflows for cytogenetic laboratories. Supporting G/R/C/Q-banding and FISH, the GenASIs platform fits the needs of all sized labs by allowing both manual and automated workflows. 

GenASIs BandView is the world’s most powerful solution for G/R/C/Q-banding analysis. Designed with the cytogenetic workflow in mind, GenASIs BandView allows clinicians to quickly and efficiently analyze samples.


  • Improves efficiency by supporting manual & automated workflows
  • Strongest solution for G/R/Q -Band Karyotyping
  • Multiple probes
  • Multiple choice of slides & applications
  • Multiple templates
  • Multiple contrast settings within scanning templates 
  • Multiple image enhancements for every cell 
  • Configurable templates


  • Every possible tool for editing & case throughput
  • Multiple command choices for each process (mouse, keyboard on-screen)
  • Comfortable user interface

GenASIs Applications are FDA cleared for the following GenASIs applications: BandView, FISHView, CEP XY, UroVysion, ALK & HER2/neu FISH and IHC Family for: HER2, ER, PR and Ki67. 

All other products are for research purposes only, not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.