Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation Webinar

About the Webinar:
The manufacturing of human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines according to clinical standards is fundamentally important for autologous and allogeneic regenerative therapies globally.
The unique features of our manufacturing process are 1. the use of fibroblasts as a starting material, as apposed to blood mononuclear cells used by other programs, which could better support neuronal differentiation; 2. the use of mRNAs to transiently express reprogramming factors, as apposed to use of viruses by other programs, which create high risk; and 3. we selected several donors that are collectively immunologically matched to dozens of mullions of individuals from European ancestry.
During the lecture, we will explain the principles of risk assessment that guide the qualification of reagents, instruments, and processes for the manufacturing of clinical grade human iPS cells under GMP standards. We will furthermore illustrate the criteria that underlie healthy donor selection and tissue procurement for the generation of human iPS cells that can be used as starting material in cellular therapies. Finally, we will explain critical regulatory considerations in the manufacturing of iPS cells and their differentiation for creating clinical grade cell products

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