New Webinar: Have No Fear – FISH Automation is Here!

Over the past decade, the laboratory world of cytogenetics & FISH has seen a multitude of changes. Both clinical FISH testing and companion diagnostics continue to expand. There are also the ever-present operational challenges: recruiting experienced technologists, meeting the turn-around clock, increasing test volumes, and balancing operating costs all while reimbursements decrease. Laboratories encounter these pressures on a daily basis while constantly having to preserve both the quality and accuracy of their test results.

“Automation” may seem frightening at first, but it is inevitable. This was true of moving away from film to digital as well. The goal of this webinar is to explore how ASI is providing a smooth transition to FISH automation in order to expedite and improve the diagnostics process.  The next evolution of testing means that the monitor is the new microscope, and ASI is here to facilitate.

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Cristina Steele’s career has spanned over 15 years in the laboratory world of Cytogenetics, FISH and Pathology. After graduating from the Diagnostics Genetics Program at the University of Connecticut, she has aligned her career with hospitals and reference laboratories beginning at the technologist level and expanding into laboratory management roles. Earning an MBA degree from IONA College, led Cristina to discover the perfect balance as a Sales Manager for ASI. This role represents an opportunity to integrate her laboratory expertise to sell cutting-edge products while providing real-world consultation support to clients. “In every role I have found a way to incorporate education, and I believe that sharing knowledge is the best part of any role.”- Cristina Steele

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