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FISH and G-banding in One Scan!

One scanning system enables both FISH interphase and G-banded metaphase acquisition capabilities in minutes!

Capture both in one scan.

The workflow includes an optimized metaphase finder, digital karyotyping, statistical probes scoring in FISH

testing and much more.

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Pathology solutions

H&E Review with IHC Analysis for Conclusive Results:

Make it conclusive with ASI’s unique tissue matching and analysis tools.

Easily scan, mark, measure and annotate your H&E slide on the screen, then tissue match the region of interest with

an IHC test for quantitative results in support of conclusive diagnostics.

1. Mark your H&E slide:

2. Tissue Match on IHC:

 Original Stain

 Analyzed IHC

 Quantitative Results

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