Happy Lab Week 2019

Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) recognizes and is happy to contribute to the National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (NMLPW) with innovation in digital diagnostics and an educational series that features industry professionals and medical practitioners on laboratory best practices. 

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While laboratory professionals mostly work behind the scenes, often unrecognized, we at ASI put laboratory professionals at the forefront of our medical devices.  We not only recognize their contribution to the medical world, we provide them with advanced instrumentation and training that surpass industry standards.

Our products expedite turnaround time and increase statistical accuracy with algorithms that have a 98% concordance rate and target more regions of interest.  For more on ASI deep learning algorithms, please see article:  The Benefits of Deep Learning Algorithms in Diagnostics, click here.

Laboratory professionals such as cytogenetic specialists and pathologists who play a vital role in the health care of patients are the motivation of our R&D, software applications and services at ASI.  We are connected to the industry and work directly with our customers to manifest the tools and instrumentations for faster, personalized and more accurate diagnostics.  Our customer’s success in providing quality health care is our success.  Our products and services are a means to that end.

Ask for our Lab Week Special and get a unique discount on all products and services.  Enter your request, click here. 

We thank our customers who work in the lab and all medical laboratory personnel for their commitment and dedication to this field.  We recognize your work.  Thank you for your patronage and for your invaluable contribution to the healthcare community.

ASI is here to support you with training and advanced digital diagnostics,

The team at Applied Spectral Imaging

P.S. For more on quality healthcare practices and the changing role of the pathologists, see our interview with Michael J. Misialek, MD or click here to reach his research.



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