December Newsletter – Happy Holidays

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Happy and Healthy Holidays!

At ASI, we develop advanced technology with patient care in mind.

Thank you for making every diagnosis count for patients all over the world.  From Your Cytogenetics and

Pathology Diagnostic Experts.

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H&E Review and IHC Scoring on Whole Slide Imaging

ASI’s HiPath Pro is a unique bright field imaging and analysis system for a variety of histopathology needs,

including quantitative IHC scoring and whole slide imaging of H&E/ IHC samples.

HiPath Pro for H&E Review and IHC Analysis


Mark Your Calendar: January 22 Webinar

Speaker: Dr. Micha Drukker
Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation Lab Leader at the Helmholtz Center in Munich will discuss the manufacturing
of induced pluripotent stem cells for cell therapies without immunosuppression.

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