The GenASIs solution incorporates state-of-the-art networking technologies to connect all the workstations in your laboratory and other sites including laptops, to any hospital database.

Robust networking designed for laboratories enables acquisition, analysis, review and report generation from anywhere on the network. It has a built-in capability to switch workstations between remote and local mode for hassle-free working away from the network. In addition, it automatically backs-up data and has superb data integrity to ease database administration. 

The GenASIs solution is capable of transferring data to a server and accessing it from any computer over the network. Archiving and accessing the data from a local station or from an external media so all users can see all the case acquired from when the system was initially installed. Finally, no matter where a case/cell is saved it can optionally be viewed and analyzed from any computer on the network.

This advanced networking solution provides efficient data access and storage seamlessly across the lab. From single site labs to geographically dispersed multi-site labs, data is always readily available with no lag time and securely stored using GenASIs networking solutions.