Robotic High-Throughput Tray Loader

Vastly increase throughput in your lab by integrating our robotic high throughput  tray loader. Equipped to handle 81+ slides, the robotic tray loader keeps the lab operating overnight, providing scanned images ready for analysis first thing in the morning.

A benefit of the full tray loader is the ability to continuously add new trays while in operation. A lab can have the robot running 24 hours a day by periodically inserting new trays into the loader for effectively infinite capacity.


Robotic Tray Loader Characteristics 

  • Unattended continuous slides scan -Non-stop tray replacement for continuous, infinite capacity
  • Robotic precision 
  • Barcode reading for automatic case and sample identification
  • Optional oil dispenser for unattended high magnification capture using oil objectives
  • 9-slide trays to handle three cases of triple slide probes
  • Desktop design with front loading transparent cover to view trays status


GenASIs Applications are FDA cleared for the following GenASIs applications: BandView, FISHView, CEP XY, UroVysion, ALK & HER2/neu FISH and IHC Family for: HER2, ER, PR and Ki67. All other products are for research purposes only, not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.