Complete Networking and Multi-Site Connectivity

Anytime, Anywhere

Access, review and sign-off cases from any location and on any device with a remote access solution that provides a secure link to your lab's GenASIs platform. 

Easy Setup

GenASIs AnyWhere™ offers full or tailored capabilities which can be assigned to each user; ranging from viewing rights within the lab, to signing off rights from any location. The flexibility and ease of use provided with the GenASIs AnyWhere translates into quicker turnaround time and cost savings.

GenASIs AnyWhere  Benefits

  • Access Anywhere – Review, analyze and sign off case information from any location via a secured network 
  • Performance – High performance and  powerful computing power from any computer or client device.
  • Security – GenASIs AnyWhere is secure, allowing administrators to delegate permissions, lock down virtual stations, prevent copying or access to data 
  • Backup and Data Integrity – GenASIs AnyWhere is backed up, snap-shots are created and changes are recorded after every session, ensuring data integrity while eliminating downtime in case of hardware or software failure at the remote location
  • Low Maintenance and Management Costs – Significantly reduce maintenance and management costs with a single GenASIs AnyWhere installation and configuration point on a central server as opposed to multiple dispersed computers. 
  • GenASIs AnyWhere Intranet – Designed for users in the lab, GenASIs AnyWhere Intranet allows lab staff to access the server from any station in the lab. 
  • GenASIs AnyWhere Extranet – Allows lab employees to access the server from both within the lab, and from any location outside the lab.
  • GenASIs AnyWhere Partner – In addition to the access included in the Intranet and Extranet platforms, GenASIs AnyWhere Partner allows clinical professional who are not lab employees  to view designated cases from any location. The administrator can allow limited data access and segregated work environments to partners, and allow/restrict review, analysis and sign off capabilities.
  • The perfect solution for Technical Component / Professional Component splitting.