Case Data Manager

The portal of GenASIs is the Case Data Manager (CDM), a user-friendly environment that functions as a virtual count sheet, data storage and management tool. GenASIs CDM was designed around the paperless lab concept, and provides as much data as possible in a single view for ultimate functionality.

CDM for all GenASIs Applications

CDM provides a display of thumbnail images of relevant data which can be viewed in multiple sizes, stores all case images including karyotyping, FISH and IHC, and allows documents to be scanned and added to a case.


  • Friendly user interface, providing an easy way to find and review cases
  • Integrated, clinical utilities for multi-application support for pathology and cytogenetics
  • Flexible data management and storage options meet the needs of any size laboratory or multi-site laboratories
  • Multi-site laboratory support with seamless connectivity for remote clients
  • Advanced multiple-user access and user permission management mechanism
  • Real time connectivity to LIS systems
  • Advanced design supporting the “paperless laboratory” including automated count-sheet update
  • Multi-language support