XY Reader

ASI introduces its automatic XY Reader to improve the workflow and efficiencies in the lab.

The XY Reader expands the capabilities of any manual microscope to automatically read and list the cell's XY coordinates in real-time. 

Automatic XY coordinate listing for improved workflow:

  • Automatically lists cell coordinates to support a modern paper-free lab environment
  • Increases productivity by eliminating the need to manually document cell coordinates
  • Auto coordinates acquisitions when image is captured or saves lists of coordinates of visually reviewed cells
  • Allows quick relocation to any previously captured cell within a few seconds.
  • Automatically converts coordinates among different microscopes in a network or workgroup.
  • Adaptable for use on most existing micro­scope stages.

Ergonomic benefits to reduce strain on tired eyes and backs:

  • No need to bend over the microscope and strain one's eyes to interpret the vernier while retriev­ing accurate stage coordinates
  • Eliminates the need of a flashlight for FISH slides analyzed in dark rooms

The XY Reader is available as automatic 1-slide motorized stage.