Digital Pathology Insights

Coverage from Insight Pharma Reports, May 2014

Since 1993, Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) has maintained its role as a leading provider of advanced microscopy imaging solutions. ASI’s imaging technologies have a global presence with more than 2,800 systems deployed throughout the world. The company’s product offerings focus on several areas including cytogenetics, pathology and life sciences, covering cancer and pre and post-natal diagnosis for both clinical and research applications. 

Having already built a reputation for expertise in workflow management and excellent product offerings among cytogenetic labs, ASI’s Chief Executive Officer, Limor Shiposh explains that for ASI, “the evolution to digital pathology was very natural.”

"It was simply a matter of developing new pathology applications,” Limor adds, because the fundamental structure of the platform, algorithmic know-how, and experience with laboratory workflow management were already intrinsic parts of ASI’s technological offerings. ASI introduced applications for IHC, CISH, and tissue FISH with the addition of GenASIs HiPath, offering the pathology community improved workflow and clinical results.

Report coverage addresses ASI’s various digital pathology technologies, competitive advantage, and perspectives on the future of the digital pathology space. To access the report chapter, click here.