Tissue Spot Count

ASI has solutions for FISH analysis in tissue samples - these solutions cover most probes and sample types, such as HER2 and ALK

HER2 - Gene Amplification Detection

ASI’s computer aided analysis was optimized to yield the best throughput and accuracy while maintaining the existing flow of the pathologist or technologist.

Whether performed as a single test or as part of a breast cancer panel, ASI’s HER2/neu is a valuable aid to clinicians in laboratories, enabling both manual and automated HER2/neu tissue samples analysis.

The system captures the sample and provides accurate, repeatable and standardized analysis of the HER2/neu amplification.

Clinicians can focus more time on the professional aspect of the case, while relying on computer-aided tools for analysis and counting.

Slide Capture:

  • Optimal field of view setup with dry or oil objectives
  • Customized image and contrast enhancements

Accurate Analysis:

  • Automatically segments clustered and touching cells
  • Detects and enumerates all signals


  • Reduces case time
  • Promotes clinical accuracy
  • Automated cell analysis
  • Cell gallery and reporting tools in Case Data Manager

FDA cleared for clinical use, using Abbott’s PathVysion HER-2 DNA Probe Kit (PathVysion Kit).

ALK - Personalized Medicine in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

GenASIs FISH is a computer aided solution aiding in the evaluation of gene rearrangements involving the ALK gene, which has been identified as a significant factor in the development of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). GenASIs FISH allows clinicians to scan and analyze ALK slides stained with ALK Break Apart FISH Probes Kits from Abbott.

GenASIs FISH helps identify the ALK gene rearrangement while achieving accurate, repeatable and standardized results that  enhance clinical accuracy and save time. 


  • Quick and accurate analysis
  • Fully automated, computer aided cell segmentation, signal detection and cell classification
  • Detects and enumerates even small and faint signals
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Simple and cost effective procedure 
  • 3D stacking of signal planes

GenASIs provides reproducible and quantified ALK results, and offers multiple methods of working with ALK samples:

  • Manual Capture 
  • Automatic scanning


GenASIs FISH is FDA cleared for ALK testing when using Abbott's Break Apart FISH Probe Kit.