By handling many of the technical aspects of bladder cancer detection, GenASIs FISH is a computer aided pathology solution that saves time and increases efficiency while maintaining superior clinical accuracy. 

GenASIs FISH - UroVysion 

Detection of Chromosomal Aberrations in Bladder Cancer

UroVysion™ is an FDA approved fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) assay for diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer. Performed on bladder cells excreted in urine, UroVysion checks for aneuploidy in chromosomes 3, 7 and 17, as well as deletion of 9p21. 

UroVysion™ requires that 25 morphologically abnormal cells be counted, with “abnormality” being a cell that exhibits either a large nuclei, irregular nuclear border, non-continuous DAPI staining, or cells in clusters. 

GenASIs provides reproducible and quantified UroVysion results using multiple workflow methods. 

  • Manual Capture
  • Automatic Capture

GenASIs FISH uses advanced scanning algorithms to efficiently detect, analyze and classify the required number of cells in even sparse samples.

FDA Cleared for Clinical Use