Bright Field Applications

Computer Aided IHC and CISH Scoring

GenASIs HiPath is a computerized scoring aid for quantitative immunohistochemistry and CISH assays that helps the pathologist with review and analysis of Tissue samples. Integrating with and complimenting the existing infrastructure, GenASIs HiPath helps pathologists to reach the best possible conclusions by providing automated counting and statistical analysis of all cells within a region of view, and across multiple regions of view.


Fits the Workflow

GenASIs HiPath is a digital pathology solution that integrates with the lab’s existing microscope and hardware.  After image capture of the region of interest, GenASIs HiPath automatically analyzes and scores the sample based on the assay being used. Within seconds, pathologists obtain statistical analysis which is accurate, objective and repeatable.   

GenASIs HiPath brings new capabilities to your microscope, and opens up a complete digital pathology solution without the investment and workflow disruption of WSI.. 

Accurate, Repeatable and Standardized Results

GenASIs HiPath removes the subjectivity by scoring all detected cells. As a result of the high cell count, the statistical value of the results is accurate and represents valuable quantitative analysis of the tissue. 

Multiple Tests

GenASIs HiPath supports multiple tissue types and antibodies (e.g. HER2, ER, PR, Ki-67, P53, CISH).  


FDA cleared for the following GenASIs applications: ALK, BandView, FISHView, UroVysion, CEP XY & HER2/neu FISH