GenASIs FISHView is a multicolor/multidimensional image capture and enhancement software. It enables users to perform global and local image enhancements, annotations, sharing, printing and report generation.  Generally used within a manual workflow, GenASIs FISHView allows users to perform analysis on single FISH images and cells.


  • Expanded functionality for manual and automatic microscopes
  • Automatic Z-axis control for auto focus, Z-stacking and 3D data export
  • Automatic XY motorized stage to save time and contribute to a paper-free lab environment
  • Support for any number of filters and multiple automated filter wheels
  • Powerful automated multi-layer imaging 
  • Automatic exposure control and image enhancement, fully automatic with no user interaction
  • User-defined image capture region
  • Full karyotyping solution with optional multispecies support
  • Enhanced quantitative support for signals and cells intensity and morphology

Timesaving image enhancement

  • Powerful automatic and manual control over contrast, brightness, and sharpness levels of the entire image and individual signals
  • Automatic background correction to compensate for microscope and sample non-uniformities.  Robust image analysis
  • Automatic and manual segmentation to obtain the morphology and intensity of each object, complete with its color layers
  • Dedicated detection and quantification of multiple small signals, such as telomeric probes
  • 3D image data easily exported to popular analysis and visualization software programs
  • Unique band enhancement for metaphase analysis
  • Dedicated color schemes for numerous sample types, such as support or inverted counterstains with probe signals


FDA cleared for Clinical Use