An Easy to Use Tool for Accurate, Repeatable and Standardized Results

Pathologistshave an  unending number of slides which must be diagnosed. ASI’s pathology suite of products which include computer aided diagnostic tools for FISH, IHC and CISH provides accurate, repeatable and standardized results while not interfering with your lab’s existing workflow or capital equipment. 

The GenASIs Platform:

The GenASIs platform is competitively priced digital pathology solution which integrates seamlessly with existing laboratory equipment and workflow. Our software modules analyze captured images and provide real time statistical analysis of the entire sample. By analyzing every cell in the slide, GenASIs is able to provide an accurate report and assist you in completing  your work.  

Low Data Storage:

Unlike whole slide scanning which has a data output of several hundred megabytes (when compressed) per slide, GenASIs captures only the region of clinical interest. The data output for GenASIs is only a fraction of WSI. . With a manageable amount of data, you can enjoy the benefits of computerized diagnostic aids, without worrying about servers, expensive archiving and cumbersome IT issues.

GenASIs currently supports FISH, IHC and CISH, thereby offering a solution for some of the most important tests for oncology patients. 

Accurate Results For The Pathologist & Patient

ASI offers pathologists the following advantages:

  • Computer aided analysis provides instantaneous statistics of multiple fields of view
  • Reduced error rate means improved healthcare
  • Integrates with existing lab equipment & workflow

For U.S. pathology labs, computer aided scoring is eligible for higher reimbursement.