Security & Performance with no Hidden Costs

ASI understands the ever changing needs of modern healthcare IT professionalsin all aspects like data security, performance and budget. We work together with, and support IT by operating within the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); making the protection of electronic patient data of highest priority, while providing an infrastructure robust, scalable and agile enough for the demands of high availability.  

The GenASIs Platform:

The GenASIs platform consists of hardware with specific software modules for each application, and a data management system which integrates seamlessly into the lab’s workflow and existing LIS. The server running the GenASIs software is installed within the confines of the facility by our application and IT specialists in a matter of hours. The GenASIs solution also offers secure remote access software (GenASIs Cloud) which allows reviewers to view and sign out cases off site.

Whether your facility purchases a single system, or plans on outfitting multiple sites, the backend of the GenASIs platform is scalable to the requirements; scaling data output and balancing the load across multiple systems and databases while ensuring compliance. 

Low Data Storage:

The GenASIs Platform will not be a burden on IT infrastructure. Our software captures slide images of the region of interest, and generally has a file size of several MBs. Compared to other technologies like whole slide scanning which have a data output of several hundred megabytes per slide, the GenASIs software is easy on the server and manageable for the existing infrastructure. 

Secure, yet so easy

ASI offers IT the following advantages:

  • Central server placed on premises
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing LIS infrastructure
  • Streamlined bandwidth and space utilization is not a burden on existing infrastructure
  • Secure remote access offers high availability while not compromising on compliance
  • Minimizes server utilization via efficient implementation of image serving, data access, and image analysis capabilities