Hospital Management

Reduced Cancer Error Rate with Minimal Capital Expenditure 

ASI designs its products and services to bring the highest value to its customers. 

Administrators and management for hospitals and labs must weigh every purchase decision against the value it brings. Questions of productivity, costs, potential to increase revenue and improved healthcare must all be weighed against each other. In short, the product must deliver value.  ASI delivers true value by providing a product that has a competitive capital cost while bringing with it valuable clinical aids, processes and data. We can reduce the occurrence of diagnostic errors while preventing unnecessary reporting  

The GenASIs Platform:

The GenASIs platform is a competitively priced review, analysis and reporting aid solution  which integrates seamlessly with existing laboratory equipment and workflow. Our software modules analyze captured images and provide real time statistical breakdown of multiple fields of view. By analyzing every cell in captured areas, the GenASIs platform is able to provide an accurate report which is statistically more sound  than manual analysis.

For hospitals in the U.S. and other countries where services are reimbursed, the GenASIs Platforms generally provide a positive ROI within the first year based on the increase in reimbursement. Alongside the benefits of accurate and repeatable, computerized analysis and workflow efficiencies, ASI saves time by increasing throughput.  

Value, with a small price tag

ASI offers management and administrators the following advantages:

  • Computer aided analysis is reimbursed higher than manual analysis
  • Integrates with existing lab equipment
  • Multiple service agreement options