An Easy to Use Tool for Accurate, Repeatable and Standardized Results

Quality is crucial  when it comes to genetic analysis and diagnosis. ASI’s karyotyping and FISH computer aided diagnostic tools provide accurate, repeatable and standardized results while smoothly integrating with your lab’s existing workflow or capital equipment. 

The GenASIs Platform:

The GenASIs platform integrates seamlessly with existing laboratory equipment and workflow. While labs generally purchase a complete system consisting of an automatic or manual microscope, GenASIs software modules can be installed easily on your labs existing equipment. 

The platform offers labs an unlimited number of review stations; so other workers and lab management can view, work on and sign out cases from different workstations. In addition, all users can simultaneously work on the same case, allowing you to sign out cases in record speed.

GenASIS BandView offers many tools which assist you with your workflow. However, the truly amazing aspect of BandView is that it adapts to fit any workflow. Whether you work on a manual microscope, or wish to perform automatic scanning of many slides, GenASIs BandView is able to meet the needs of your lab.