Advantages of Working with ASI

A Company of People, Designing Products for People

At our core, ASI is a company of people who sincerely care about the labs we serve. We listen to the needs of our customers and implement these ideas within our product. 

The result is the GenASIs platform that has been designed by lab professionals – offering ease of use, efficiency, time saving benefits and clinical relevance.


  • Less Tech Time – once loaded on microscope, the GenASIs Platform does the rest
  • Increase Revenue – close more cases with fewer resources
  • Repeatability - the GenASIs platform produces the same results under similar conditions
  • Reproducibility – once analyzed, data is stored and is easily retrieved
  • Standardization - establish common parameters for all users in lab
  • End-to-End Solution - enter patient data, capture, analyze, report, sign-out
  • Interoperability - the GenASIs platform integrates with most major microscopes
  • Modular Platform – add-on functionality includes automation and review stations
  • Complete solution – karyotyping, FISH, IHC and CISH


Advantages for Pathologists - Reimbursement

Advantages for Cytogeneticists 

Advantages for Hospital Management

Advantages for IT Professionals